RPG Maker VX Ace improves every aspect of RPG creation. With multiple tileset support, full autoshadow control, and a flexible features system, Ace gives you the most powerful RPG making tools ever. RPG Maker is a video game creation tool specialized in role games that will allow us to create fantasy worlds from scratch, to enjoy them afterward…or let others enjoy them. Thanks to its aesthetics and mechanics, it will be easy to create JRPG games. The application already has lots of sprites, sounds, music and various illustrations with which we can work, although we will be able to import our own material to create a totally unique adventure. So that it´s easier to start working with RPG Maker, it includes an example module that we can use a tutorial and thanks to which we will be able to learn nearly all its controls. In just a few hours, we will have already started to create our own adventure and we can start the first fights. It has enough features to develop the game by a child and powerful enough to work by professionals.

Features :

  • An enhanced map editor to build your world.
  • A Character/Enemy/Skill/Equipment Database with a new powerful, flexible Features system.
  • Expanded default resources, including a built-in Character Generator to form your own custom sprites and faces.
Download RPG Maker VX ACE for free.
Download RPG Maker VX ACE for free.

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A Brief Look :

RPG Maker VX ACE is an application which is used for making your own games. RPG make VX Ace enhances RPG making with several powerful new tools. It allowed such flexibility to the user without the need for any coding knowledge. These new tools are not only flexible but also incredibly simple to learn and use, being accessed through a simple point and click interface. RPG Maker VX Ace features a largely expanded collection of graphics, with 4 tilesets and collapsed character sprites included, on top of many new sprites. Ace also has the advantage of being compatible with all existing fan-made RPG Maker VX resources right out of the box.

Editors’ Review :

RPG Maker VX ACE is an application used for making games. This application is a good and powerful application to make your own realistic games in a no time. RPG Maker VX Ace, like every RPG Maker program before it, comes with a fully loaded library of presets for you to play around with and use at your leisure This helps to alleviate the extremely steep learning curve that is inherent to the program. Native documentation and help are sparse and vague when it comes to the actual mechanics and utilization of the different game variables and settings. Fortunately, another one of the best things about the RPG Maker series of programs is the die-hard user base that provides third-party support in a multitude of ways. There are plenty of freeware RPG Maker games, demos, scripts, sprites, tilesets, animations, tutorials, etc. available in vast amounts for anyone to use. Some of these media additions are now being sold for low prices due to the advent of content marketing platforms such as Steam, but the availability of information and media is still quite abundant. Rather than the pros, some cons are noticeable. The main problem with RPG Maker is that the gap between the visual editor and the scripting system is abysmal. This means that the visual editor has plenty of shortcomings compared to the more powerful alternative, resulting in plenty of games that will look and feel the same. Overall, a simple and easy application but powerful enough for the developer.

Technical Specification :

  • Software Setup Name – RPG Maker VX ACE
  • Software Setup Size – 223 MB
  • Software Setup Type – Standalone Installer
  • Software Version – 4.1.3
  • Compatibility – 32 bit (x86)/64 bit (x64)
  • Developer/Author – RPGMaker
  • Developer Homepage – click here

System Requirements :

  • Operating Systems – Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM (Memory) – 2 MB of RAM required
  • Hard Drive Space – 500 MB of free space required
  • Processor – Intel Pentium 3 or later

How To Install RPG Maker VX ACE on your PC?

  • Load RPG Maker VX ACE program from your disks.
  • Run as administrator.
  • Select the installation options.
  • After it is installed click on finish.
  • Launch the program and start it.

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